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As one of Melbourne’s most prized possessions, everything about Malvern East is exceptional. It’s in the way it so effortlessly ties tradition with innovation, retaining its old-world charisma whilst moving fluidly with the advances of modern life. Heritage homes proudly line the streets, arm in arm with contemporary developments, trendy restaurants, wine bars and sought-after retail institutions – a rich community spirit felt throughout.

The domain also succeeds in harmonising the built with the natural, where for every beautiful building, there’s an equally beautiful park or reserve. Of all Malvern East’s verdant pockets, Central Park is the most superb, a 19-acre expanse of ample amenity and pure bliss. Directly beside the park, a boutique collection of 20 homes take residence, tailored to encapsulate the essence of the suburb they inhabit. Introducing Central Park, for those in favour of superior living.

Central living – Malvern has it all.

Eat & Drink
  1. Coffee & Soul
  2. Fergus
  3. Horace Street
  4. Kerabu
  5. Mr Sister
  6. One Little Place
  7. One Misty Guy
  8. Our Kitchen Table
  9. Pizza Religion
  10. Riserva
  11. Sagra
  12. Servery & Spoon
  13. Street Organics
  14. The Pour Kids
  15. Tom Pockett Cellars
  1. 161 Cellars
  2. Búl
  3. Central Park Interiors
  4. Coles Malvern
  5. Fleischer Cakes
  6. Garden Lovers on Wattletree
  7. Green Onions
  8. Irma’s Delicious Delights
  9. Malvern Central
  10. Mondocherry
  11. Norsu Interiors
  12. Say It With Flowers
  13. Saint Lawrence Real Food
  14. Stocked Food Store
  15. The Ark Clothing Co.
  16. Wattletree Child Childrens Wear
Parks & Recreation
  1. East Malvern Tennis Club
  2. Goodlife Health Club
  3. Happy Melon Studios
  4. Harold Holt Swim Centre
  5. Hedgeley Dene Gardens
  6. Malvern Public Gardens
  7. Willow Urban Retreat
  1. Caulfield Grammar School
  2. De La Salle College
  3. Malvern Primary School
  4. Monash University
  5. Sacre Coeur
  6. Saint Mary’s Primary School
  1. Bus No.624
  2. Caulfield Train Station
  3. Darling Station
  4. Glen Iris Station
  5. Malvern Station
  6. Tram No. 5