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An Esteemed Partnership

Central Park presents a collection of esteemed residences for contemporary living, brought to you by a seasoned team of established thinkers, designers and collaborators.

As trusted partners for the last 15 years, acclaimed Melbourne developers Roulston and Buxton Group lead Central Park’s formation. Buxton Group’s 50-year-long history in construction, well-established financial and industry support and enviable reputation, paired with with Roulston’s experience in planning and bespoke design, combine to create an innovative, prosperous and highly successful partnership. Together, they have delivered a collection of high-end apartment projects including Pelham in Armadale, Leopold Stonnington in Glen Iris, and Gramercy in Armadale. Their intuitive local knowledge of Malvern, Armadale and surrounding areas, and ability to foresee the wishes of those seeking to enter these esteemed suburbs, results in Central Park – a project that is ingeniously considered from all angles.

Architectural studio Ewert Leaf was engaged to lead Central Park’s architecture and interior design; a firm renowned for its impressive portfolio of residential and hospitality projects in Melbourne and beyond. Throughout the studio’s extensive residential and commercial projects, Ewert Leaf evidently understands the desires of Melburnians, transforming the aspects of design they appreciate into spatial masterpieces. Additionally, Jack Merlo’s elegant landscaping designs elevate the homes through a refined selection and layout of greenery, complementing the location’s verdantly lush domain.

  1. 01 - Rollo Wright, Director at Roulston
  2. 02 - Richard Buxton, Founder, Buxton Group
  3. 03 - Will Leaf and Simone MacGinley, Directors at Ewert Leaf
  4. 04 - Jack Merlo, Director at Jack Merlo Landscape Design


Roulston is committed to the delivery of high quality and refined properties, distinguished by premium location, sophisticated design and spacious floor plans. Only neighbourhoods with the finest liveability standards are considered. Selected sites have access to parkland, recreational facilities and public transport and boast extensive shopping options and vibrant cafe cultures.

Buxton Group

“At Buxton Group, our philosophy is simple. We only undertake projects that we have the confidence, experience and financial capacity to deliver, without compromise to our exacting standards of quality and profitability,” says founder Richard Buxton. A family-owned property development group that has been consistently delivering enduring, quality building assets to the Melbourne community for over 45 years, Buxton Group was established in 1968, and is owned and managed by Richard and his daughter, Samantha Buxton. With a passion for innovative design, Buxton Group is renowned for excellence in the residential, retail and retirement sectors of the Melbourne property market.

Ewert Leaf

Ewert Leaf is a dynamic, multi-disciplinary design firm with experience in all aspects of architecture, interiors, urban design and landscape design. The firm, which was established in 2009, is distinguished by its creative yet commercial approach to design. Ewert Leaf has achieved great industry success – including being named winner of the Melbourne Design Awards 2014. Recent projects include Gramercy and McKinley Residences.

Jack Merlo

Jack Merlo is a landscape design and construction company widely celebrated for both creative ingenuity and quality of work. The firm’s designs are developed around its clients’ lifestyle requirements while complementing surrounding architecture. A fundamental element of the company’s design concepts is maximising the functionality of space using materials and design concepts which harmonise with the environment and are long-lasting and low maintenance.

Marshall White Projects

Mr Marshall White opened his first office in Glenferrie Road, Malvern over 45 years ago. A legend within the real estate industry, Marshall instilled a philosophy within the company that, above all, values honesty, integrity, experience and the desire to put in the time. Marshall White continually strive to capitalise on the blending of youthful enthusiasm and mature experience to achieve the highest possible standards of excellence. They also pride themselves on their ability to provide an exceptional level of service that is envied by others in the real estate industry. Marshall White is proud to be collaborating with Roulston and Buxton Group to launch this fantastic project, Central Park Residences.