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Construction Underway – Move in Summer 2020

Luxury penthouse living in Malvern East’s finest location – overlooking Central Park.

  • House-sized apartments
  • Custom joinery including fireplace
  • 3m high ceilings with floor to ceiling windows
  • 3 car - 4 car private garage
  • Local developer with 50+ years experience

Exterior Design

Composed by the visionaries at Ewert Leaf, Central Park is inspired by the project’s idyllic, parkside address, where verdant views present themselves from every aspect. This influence is tangible across the elegant facade, where a subtle reference to nature is depicted through slipping planes, a stately form and an earthen palette of materials. Working to visually emulate the park, copper shingles are reminiscent of autumnal hues, paired with the warm, textural patterning of brickwork and the smoothness of soaring concrete. The result is a suite of homes that whilst contemporary and established, is sympathetic and entirely reverent of its natural surrounds.

“Whilst Central Park is about low maintenance, it’s also about bringing all the luxuries downsizers had beforehand in their older, established homes, and instilling them in a new composition and a new way of life.”

Will Leaf, Director at Ewert Leaf

“What residents will love most about the design is the quality of the finish and the generosity of the living spaces. It’s a very high-end product, and it’s somewhere buyers can feel proud to show visitors and friends.”

Simone MacGinley, Associate Director at Ewert Leaf

Interior Design

Central Park’s spacious, open-plan interiors unveil an aura of refined sophistication, also very much forged by the inspiration of nature. Upon entering these homes, it’s evident they’re innately generous, palpable in features like floor to ceiling windows and doors – enabling ample sunlight and uninterrupted views to the park – as well as high ceilings and expansive, gallery style walls. Imparting a distinct feeling of ‘home’, the residences favour a palette of neutral tones and natural textures, appointed raw stone surfaces, rich carpets and warm oak floors. The effortlessly beautiful kitchens of Central Park are gifted Miele appliances; some of many exemplary features in these homes, whilst the bathrooms and bedrooms exude understated luxury for infinite moments of rejuvenation.

“We’ve designed everything so that the open plan living spaces flow seamlessly out to the courtyards, with large sliding doors that provide direct integration. Many of the bedrooms also have direct access to terraces and outlooks to gardens, so a backdrop of greenery is something you’re able to appreciate from every room.”

Jack Merlo, Director at Jack Merlo Landscape Design

CDK Stone

Exceptionally designed homes deserve an immaculate suite of materials; a feature CDK Stone brings flawlessly to Central Park. For over 30 years, the company has driven Australian designs with their premium natural stones, handpicked from the finest quarries around the globe with unparalleled standards. Supplying a diverse offering of finishes, from marble and travertine to limestone and granite, CDK’s exotic stones showcase strong individuality and uncompromised beauty. A soft and elegant surface, the Light Scheme features a carefully selected Savior Light stone, while the Dark Scheme appoints Portsea Grey stone, a slightly darker finish for spaces inclined to sophistication.

  • Natural Stone Slab (Honed) – Light Scheme

  • Natural Stone Slab (Honed) – Dark Scheme


Signorino is another supplier at the forefront of the tile industry, having garnered over 50 years experience providing Italian stones of immaculate quality and environmental sensibility. The laundry floors of Central Park are awarded elegant tiles from their Toronto range – carefully selected for their ability to create an aesthetic that is at once luxurious and understated. The walls in these spaces are also adorned in Signorino, appointed pristine, bright white porcelain from the Alberta range.

  • Porcelain Floor Tile – Light Scheme

  • Porcelain Floor Tile – Dark Scheme

George Fethers & Co

George Fethers & Co has been integral to the creation of beautiful interiors in Australia for 150 years, exceeding expectations with their impeccable and environmentally sound collection of products. Procured from their ‘Urbis’ range, residents of Central Park will lead a life founded on premium oak floors in soft, muted tones – determining a refined and charmingly handcrafted aesthetic. An added layer of unique detailing is brought to the homes through the timeless Chevron pattern, a style long associated with classic sophistication. This feature also serves to create the optical impression of increased space, allowing already expansive rooms to feel boundless.

  • Chevron Flooring – Light Scheme

  • Chevron Flooring – Dark Scheme

New Age Veneers

Established in 1984, New Age Veneers are a leading supplier driven by a desire to deliver high quality and environmentally responsible reconstructed veneer. Central Park’s robe joinery is appointed ‘Earlwood’ from their Navurban range – a textured and understated material exhibiting a sophisticated cool tone. Chosen for its enduring quality and refined aesthetic, the veneer delivers an added layer of depth to the luxurious master bedrooms.

  • Robe Joinery